Our Development Process

There is no cookie cutter pattern to web development. However, we follow a structured approach of creating websites. Through our years of experience, we've streamlined the process of creating the perfect website.

Determining Purpose
The first step is deciding what type of site our client needs. Is the purpose of the site e-commerce, informational, entertainment, personal, or something else? This is usually known before we begin a new project. We use this information to select the best style for the site. Some questions we ask are:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What do you want the audience to do?
  • Who is your competition?

Finding a Look
The next part of creating a new site or redesigning an existing site is establishing a visual design. This stage of the development process requires constant communication between developer and client. Changes are made often.

We start by creating about four mock-up templates (comps) for the client based on the client's preferences and requirements. From these initial templates we gain a visual direction for the site. Changes are made based on input from the client. One of the templates maybe exactly what the client wants, maybe there are components of each template that can be incorporated into one, or maybe all the templates need to be scrapped. Through this process, we assure that our client's vision for the website is effectively communicated.

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After all the visual details of the site have been determined, we assemble the site. High quality fast-loading graphics are created, efficient and search engine-friendly HTML code is organized, and all the pieces are skillfully assembled. This is also the point of the project where we add the content of the site. Usually the content is supplied by the client. If the site is an ecommerce store, we integrate the shopping cart system. If the site requires a custom web software application, we integrate it.

Testing, re-testing, and testing some more
We like to make sure when we go live with a development project, that there are no suprises. We comprehensively scrutinize the project for perfect functionality. This is especially important when we create custom web software progams. Some issues we examine are:

  • PC vs. Mac compantibility
  • Computer/Laptop vs. Phone/Tablet
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Custom web application bugs
  • High-volume traffic stability

Go Live
Once a project receives the final approval of our client, we go live. This is the most exciting stage of the process. The site is ready for business. If you have any questions about having Site Revision, Inc. develop your next project, please contact a Project Coordinator today.