Online Marketing

Web marketing puts your website in front of your target audience. This changing medium for advertising has not only opened the door to hundreds of thousands of new businesses, but also countless marketing opportunities. Getting the most out of advertising is a major objective of any business. The ultimate goal is to get visitors to the site and convert them to customers, clients, subscribers, etc. Identifying the objective is simple, but the execution requires expertise. Below are some of the techniques we use at Site Revision, Inc.

  • Comprehensive Traffic Statistics - Check to see how many visitors are going to your site, where they are coming from, and how they find you through Google Analytics.
  • Google Sitemap Submission - We create and submit properly formatted XML sitemaps to Google.
  • Google Maps Submission - We create a business profile for Google Maps (if applicable).
  • Ranking Reports - Find out where your site shows up in a search engine listing when certain keywords are entered.
  • Code/Text Optimization - We carefully analyze the code and text of your site to make sure your site is search engine-friendly and emphasizes your keywords.
  • URL Optimization - We review the address of your website pages and eliminate search engine "unfriendly" addresses.*
  • Site Organization - We review the content of your site and recommend usability revisions.
  • Social Media - Establish your presence on social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and/or integrate your existing social media accounts with your website.
  • Free Search Engine/Directory Submissions - We will submit (and resubmit when necessary) your site to free submission sites.
  • PFI Search Engine/Directory Submissions - We will make recommendations and submit your site to any Paid For Inclusion (PFI) sites that will increase traffic related to your industry. (submission fees not included)
  • Competition Analysis - We keep tabs on your competitors. We will actively report companies in your industry that violate search engine rules or participate in spam.
  • Content Development - We create original content, written by professional copywriters, relative to the subject matter of your site.
  • Marketing Consultations - We continually evaluate marketing efforts for both online and offline campaigns.

* Third party software may prohibit certain promotion techniques.
Prices may vary depending on the competitive nature of your industry.
Please contact Site Revision, Inc. for a full consultation.

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Advanced Traffic Statistics are available for all Marketing Plans. Pricing starts at $9.95 per month. Take a 30-day free trial and see why we highly recommend this service to all our marketing clients.