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Webcars, L.P. - Automotive
Category: Vehicle Dealership

Complete development of automotive website. Custom features include online vehicle database, eBay template creator and on-the-fly thumbnail creation. All scripts run in PHP. Hosted by Site Revision, Inc.

Parella Group

The Parella Group - Consulting
Category: Business Website

Static Custom website. Custom graphic work. Contact form. Hosted by Site Revision, Inc.

Fractured to Fortune

Fractured to Fortune - Book Promotion
Category: E-Commerce

Custom single product E-commerce website written in PHP. Credit card payment integration. Custom graphic work. Hosted by Site Revision, Inc.

Shared Technologies

Shared Technologies - Communication/Technology
Category: E-Commerce

Inventory management system capable of updating with a single upload file. Product pricing contains "Make an Offer" feature. Credit card payment integration.

Bannon and Associates

Bannon & Associates - Professional Training
Category: Business Website

Refreshed design of existing site with custom template. Online registration and credit card payment integration for seminars and classes. Hosted by Site Revision, Inc.

Cardinal Group

Cardnial Group - Recruiting/Staffing
Category: Business Website

Basic static website. Utilizes template design as a time and cost saving feature. Multiple domains hosted on a single hosting account from Site Revision, Inc.

Bar Profit Solutions

Bar Profit Solutions - Restaurants/Equipment
Category: Business Website

Affordable, entry-level website with basic functionality. Static website displays basic information and provides contact form. Hosted by Site Revision, Inc.

RDI Trading

RDI Trading - Diamond Wholesalers
Category: Business Website

International diamond wholesaler website with advanced inventory updating. Internal search engine for searching inventory. Registration and user admin section.

Garnett Motorcars

Garnett Motorcars - Automotive
Category: Vehicle Dealership

Website project included our vehicle inventory program, written in PHP which allows site administrators to add, edit, and remove vehicles from inventory. High traffic capacity hosting.

SFA Books

SFA Books - Non Profit
Category: Classified Adsvertisement Website

Complete concept and development of innovative site. Features PHP programming and MYSQL Database for: user registration/login, classified advertisements, admin user management, rating system and site search.

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